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Plastic Recycling

Rundle Crews are safe, competent and reliable. We have developed techniques and efficient procedures to minimize our time on location


Recycled Rubber Mats

When you need to gain access our rig mats are the eco-friendly choice. A single Rig Mat is made from approximately 165 recycled rubber tires.

Eco-Flex Yukon Access Rubber Mat White Paper

In the shadow of our company namesake, Rundle Mountain, see our mats being used as environmentally friendly access in and along the Bow River. Notice the minimal disturbance after the job was finished

Before Recycled Rubber Mats

After - Recycled Rubber Mats

Plastic Recycling

Rubber Access Mats

Recycled Rubber Access Mats

•Replacing wood with a product manufactured from recycled material
•Better inventory control. Each mat is plated with a serial number
•Mats can be made in a wide range of colors. As example, green to match environment, orange for safety
•Extremely durable:
-Long lasting
-Strong residual value for resale at the end of duty
-Easy repairs
•Most damage can be repaired in the field with contact cement
Safer. Ice does not bond to rubber
•Resilient to absorbing water/fluids
•Easy maintenance
•Shock Absorption
•Traction control

Rundle Mats Vs. Alternatives

Together with Rundle Eco Services, you and your company can participate in real Environmental Stewardship.

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