Rundle Access Mats are one of the toughest mats made on the market and are specifically designed to provide a temporary access solution.
The internal structure has an embedded, patented spine while the surface is textured to provide excellent traction for all types of traffic.
Rundle Mats have been proven to be the best solution for long term use under some of the most unruly site conditions and usages. Rundle mats are manufactured with lifting lugs for easy handling.

Ram Access Mat

Flexible enough to endure changing terrain. Strong enough to withstand heavy equipment.

Ram Pad Plus

Safety Walkways

Benefits of Using Recycled Access Mats:

•Replacing wood with a product manufactured from recycled material
•Better inventory control. Each mat is plated with a serial number
•Mats can be made in a wide range of colors. As example, green to match environment, orange for safety, TMX company colors etc.
•Extremely durable:
-Long lasting
-Strong residual value for resale at the end of duty
-Easy repairs
•Most damage can be repaired in the field with contact cement
Safer. Ice does not bond to rubber
•Resilient to absorbing water/fluids
•Easy maintenance
•Shock Absorption
•Traction control