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Repurpose vs. Recycle

Repurpose is just the same as recycle. Right?

We not only collect plastic from our recycling partners, we also collect geotextile underlay that is not recyclable in conventional terms. To ensure that it stays out of the landfills we developed a repurpose program that offers the geo for free to farmers, landscapers and land developers.

Over the last 2 years, the program has successfully kept over 250,000 pounds of usable geotextile out of the land fill. Recently, the volumes of this material have increased, and we need to find a good home for it!

The underlay has only been used once and is in great shape. It’s clean other than some dirt here and there. No contaminants. We have it ready to ship from our yards in Grande Prairie and Edson. We are offering the material at no cost, and can discuss delivery options as well.

If you can use this geotextile underlay, please contact Mike at: 587-439-8858

Record Month for Rundle

As we continue to make an impact on our environment, Rundle Eco Services is excited to share our impressive recycle numbers for the month in July!

This was a record month for pounds of collections, and we are pleased to demonstrate how our recycling efforts continue to keep plastic out of landfills.

A special thank you to all of our E & P and Water Management industry partners for their support!

Olympics & Plastic Recycling

Are you watching the Olympics this year? Have you ever thought about what the medals are made of?

In an effort to “create a lasting legacy and contribute to an environmentally friendly and sustainable society,” this year’s Tokyo Organizing Committee opted to make the gold, silver & bronze medals out of recycled electronics!

To learn more about this sustainable effort, click here:

Go Canada Go!