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Eco Capitalism & Sustainable Business Models

Here’s a great article from the author of “The Prize,” Daniel Yergin, outlining what he believes how the world’s energy transition has to happen.

Like “The Prize,” it’s a bit of a read but well worth the time. It talks about the economics of the whole issue. The bottom line is that solving global warming comes down to money. Eco Capitalism. In other words, a sustainable environment needs a sustainable business model.

November Recycling Numbers

We had another stellar month of impact in November, with total pounds of plastic recycled coming in at 178,155!

We are so close to reaching our goal of 1 million pounds of plastic recycled for 2021!

Follow us as we reveal December’s numbers and our year-end total, the first part of January!

Rundle Eco Services continues to keep plastic out of landfills by providing recycling solutions, and we thank all of our E & P and Water Management industry partners for their support!