Archives February 2022

January Recycling Update

Our Impact Update (plastic recycled):

January: 88,489 (lbs)

Lifetime: 2,070,953 (lbs)

In 2021 Rundle achieved it’s goal of collecting and recycling 1,000,000 pounds of post industrial plastic destined for the landfill thanks to our Water Management and E&P clients. With the increased activity in the patch, we have set out 2022 goal to collect and recycle of 1,250,000 pounds. Thanks again to our Water Management and E&P clients for choosing Rundle to help them do the right thing.

How Rundle Recycled 1,000,000 lbs of Plastic

As announced on the Rose Bros podcast last week with Terry Etam, we have resurrected the Rundle Eco-Capitalism podcast series. Here is an update from Rundle on the amazing work we have accomplished so far. Stay tuned for more episodes, as we have a number of interesting guests lined up!