Rundleco Enters into Research Joint Venture Project with Poly Ag Recycling

In November 2020, Rundleco entered into a research joint venture project with Poly Ag Recycling to determine if the plastic both companies recycle would be suitable for manufacturing 3D printer and micro filament. The research was conducted at the University of Alberta’s Faculty of Mechanical Engineering in conjunction with the National Research Council’s IRAP program. We are pleased to announce the project was a success and the U of A team was able to accomplish all goals as follows:

  • Create 3D printer and micro filament using LDPE/HDPE material supplied by Poly AG
  • Create 3D printer and micro filament using LLDPE material supplied by Rundleco
  • Use the manufactured filament to create a covid key via 3D printer

So what’s next? Manufacturing filament from recycled plastic is nothing new. However, this is the first time it has been done with C-ring liners and grain bags. The future of plastic recycling is developing new ideas and technology. This project is a start to understanding the properties of the material we are dealing with in a practical manner. We know we can make something that you can use in day to day life. More importantly it puts the material in the hands of scientists allowing us to partner industry with the idea guys. Shout out to Dr. Cagri Ayanci and Dr. Irina Garces and their team at the U of A. Like Amazon they delivered. They are as stoked  to come up with new ideas to provide solution to the plastic recycling challenge. We’re getting ready to the launch to next project. Stay tuned..

More about the Poly Ag and Rundleco relationship. Poly Ag is based out of Bashaw Alberta and is working with Clean Farms to deal with post industrial agricultural plastic in Western Canada that previously was being processed offshore. To date they have successfully collected and processed over 5 MM pounds of plastic, mostly grain bags. Poly Ag’s goals and recycling principals align perfectly with Rundleco’s. Our research JV gave us an opportunity to get to share and develop recycling concepts that will benefit both the oil and agricultural industries. Two heads are better than one right!

We want to thank our industry partners for their support. It is their drive to prevent plastics having a negative impact on the environment that makes both Poly Ag and Rundleco work.

Thank You!